Retired after only one career start, the thoroughbred Saints N Angels racing career was short-lived, but what would become of her?

 "Average" horses like Saints N Angels have little commercial value and so often end up abandoned or neglected.  Thanks to the talent and care of numerous volunteers and caretakers, our OTTBs are rehabed and retrained for productive and meaningful careers away from the race track where they can display their talents while bringing joy to others.


For many horse men and women out there, it has often been said that a horse is like a big dog. They communicate with their mouths, heads and paws/hooves. They are both obedient and loyal to their caregivers, but their behavior is directly tied to the humans who train and condition them. There is rarely a bad dog or horse, but rather a neglectful owner.

Miami Vice, honorary Saints N Angels OTTB, competing at his first Hunter Show at Texas Rose